Celebrate life! Ubuya Ryokan Inn at Lake Kawaguchi

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Things to do at Ubuya

Chat and relax alongside Mt. Fuji.
Ubuya is a ryokan inn where everything relates to Mt. Fuji.
Throughout the ryokan inn―and not just in your guest room―youʼll find breathtaking views of this great mountain.
Spend relaxing hours with those you care for,
all in the presence of Mt. Fuji.

Tea with Mt. Fuji the lounge

Tea with Mt. FujiThe loungeʼs vast windows offer breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji and the sparkling surface of Lake Kawaguchi. This extraordinary scene is the perfect backdrop for reminiscing about the past or making plans for the future.

A leisurely rest time with Mt. Fuji

A leisurely rest time with Mt. FujiThe massage chairs, where guests can enjoy a full body massage with Mt. Fuji standing before them, are one of the ryokan innʼs hot spots.

A refreshing hot spring bath with Mt. Fuji

A refreshing hot spring bath
with Mt. Fuji
Enjoy a luxurious bath before Mt. Fuji at the Kawaguchiko Onsen hot spring.
Relax your mind and body in a leisurely bath in this healing space where everyday cares become a distant memory.Hot spring

Relaxing in your room in the presence of Mt. Fuji

Relaxing in your room
in the presence of Mt. Fuji
All guest rooms at Ubuya offer views of Mt. Fuji.
Beautiful night views reflected from Lake Kawaguchi after sunset are a must-see.Rooms

Ubuya Shrine

Ubuya ShrineOn the first floor of the ryokan inn is Konohana no Yashiro, a shrine to Konohana no Sakuyahime, the local deity here in Ubuyagasaki.

The souvenir shop

The souvenir shopThe souvenir shop has souvenirs from Yamanashi and Lake Kawaguchi.
Alongside memories of your enjoyable stay, take home examples of local Yamanashi crafts and seasonal flavors.