Celebrate life! Ubuya Ryokan Inn at Lake Kawaguchi

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Celebrate with
Ubuyaʼs kusudama balls


Celebrating life at Ubuya

Why not celebrate the lives of those you care for
with Ubuyaʼs kusudama balls (decorative paper balls)?
Itʼs fun to guess what might be inside them.
Enjoy the smiles and applause once the balls break open.
Celebrate life with the words “Thank you” and “Congratulations.”

Celebratory kusudama balls

Celebratory kusudama ballsKusudama balls have been used since antiquity as celebratory decorations in Japan.
Enjoy a true Japanese-style celebration befitting a traditional ryokan inn.

An exciting celebration handmade kusudama balls

An exciting celebrationItʼs fun to break open a kusudama ball to see whatʼs inside.
The smiling faces of loved ones will make your celebration even more memorable.

Kusudama balls filled with good intentions celebrate life with Ubuya

Kusudama balls filled with good intentionsCelebrate life with Ubuya. Express your feelings of gratitude and best wishes by opening kusudama balls.

Each personʼs way of celebrating

A childʼs first birthday, a wedding anniversary, a 60th birthday:
take a look at some celebrations that could only happen at Ubuya.

childʼs first birthday

Marking a childʼs first birthday,
with a big thanks to mom
A childʼs first birthday also marks the motherʼs first year as a parent. Expressing special words of thanks on a message board shaped like Mt. Fuji helps strengthen family ties.

wedding anniversary

Remember all the support youʼve given each other on your wedding anniversary A wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to renew your vows. Look back on the support youʼve given each other and express best wishes for the future. Then itʼs time to enjoy a gourmet meal. Wearing Ubuyaʼs original clothing and presenting you with kusudama balls, the ryokan inn staff will join in the celebration.

60th birthday

Celebrating a 60th birthday with
the whole family, in matching happi coats
A 60th birthday is a great occasion to express gratitude for the guidance and protection your parents have provided. Why not express these feelings at Ubuya? The whole family can celebrate together in matching happi coats.

Producing celebrations

Ubuyaʼs one-of-a-kind celebrations are produced with original apparel, kusudama balls, and matching happi coats.
Meet the creative professionals who have devised these special ways to celebrate.

  • MAYA

    Planning celebratory apparelMAYAGraduated from ESMOD Paris after graduating the Tokyo TOFY College of Fashion Arts at the top of her class; won various awards while a student; founded Atelier P. of S. in 2017. Her wide range of designs, involving techniques ranging from dyeing to prints, are renowned for their vivid colors and distinctive silhouettes.https://atelier-pofs.co.jp


    Planning celebratory kusudama ballsTASKOA comprehensive art company for the 21st century: combining the ability to generate unique proposals with solid technical skills.
    Celebratory decorations like kusudama decorative paper globes are produced by Koyuki Kato and Chika Kagaya at Art Production.http://tasko.jp


    Designing celebrationsEIGHT BRANDING DESIGNActive across a wide range of genres, from corporate brand development, product development, and store development, based on the concept of enlivening Japan through branding design.https://www.8brandingdesign.com